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An Assortment of Hugo Chavez Quotes
Venezuelan President Plans To Rule Until 2021

After his recent landslide victory in the Dec. 3 elections, President Hugo Chavez has a further six years in office and this time with a higher percentage of support that nears 70%. Chavez has made it quite clear that his next goal is to call for a referendum that will reform the Constitution and allow for his indefinite reelection . Chavez hopes that Venezuela will end up as a one party state like Cuba. Since 1998, Chavez has shaken the political map in South America with controversial and aggressive declarations against other Heads of State and countries, among which are the following:

On George W. Bush : " I am sure the Devil spoke here recently, it smells of sulfur until now !" (during speech at United Nations in 2006).
"You are a donkey, Mister Danger, a coward, murderer and a drunkard," (TV interview in 2006.)

On Tony Blair : " A shameless rogue, a pawn of U.S imperialism ".

On Fidel Castro : " An example to follow. I am not sure if I should call him a brother or a father. I hope he lasts for a hundred years."

Vladimir Putin : "Putin is my ally."

Daniel Ortega : (President of Nicaragua) " He saw his comrades die in the war and he has assumed his historic responsibility."

Carlos Menem (former President of Argentina) : "A real servant of U.S imperialism. He should be in jail for what he did to his people."

Evo Morales (President of Bolivia) : " My brother, the first native to become president . The empire wants him out but we will defend him to the death."

Alan Garcia (President of Peru) : "We will have nothing to do with that thief, that con-man . Maybe I´ll meet him in a summit and he will steal my wallet !"

Axis of Evil : "The Axis of Evil is formed by Washington and its allies, they are the ones that invade and that kill. We are forming the Axis of Good."

On Socialism : "Socialism wasn't dead, it was only having a break, it is the only option for the future."

On Communism : "I've been called a communist, which is not true, but I am also not an anticommunist."

On Imperialism : " The future of the human race is at risk due to the hegemonic desires of the U.S empire ."

China : "The Chinese Revolution is the forefather of the Bolivarian revolution."

Chavez Assails U.S. and Israel at United Nations
Venezuelan leader calls President Bush 'the devil'

Tension continues to mount between Venezuela and the United States after another round of hostile comments between President Hugo Chavez and President George W. Bush. Both have been taking part in the 61st General Assembly of the United Nations in New York.

On Tuesday 20 September 2006, Bush gave his speech and did not alter his stance on current world affairs as he accused Syria and Iran of "sponsoring terrorism." Iran is a major ally of Venezuela and recently Chavez visited that country, where he defended Iran's right to continue with its nuclear program.

On Wednesday, it was Chavez's turn to get involved in the international debate.

"The devil [Bush] spoke here and gave recipes on how to exploit and dominate the people of the world," Chavez said.

"American citizens, I give you this advice, read Noam Chomski's book 'Hegemony and Survival' and you will understand why the United States empire is making desperate efforts to consolidate its control on the world, we cannot allow this world empire to continue," Chavez said.

With regard to Bush's view on terrorism, Chavez hit back by accusing the CIA of carrying out the assassination of Chilean politician Orlando Letelier in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 21, 1976, and of planting a bomb on a Cuban airliner that caused the death of 77 passengers.

"We are only a few days from the thirtieth anniversary of the murder of Orlando Letelier and an American citizen, Ronnie Moffit, and that crime was committed by CIA agents, but they are all free. The leader was Luis Posada Carriles that escaped from a Venezuelan jail thanks to the CIA and corrupt government officials of the time. Now Posada Carriles is here in the U.S. and being protected by Bush's government," Chavez said.

During another moment of the speech, Chavez accused the U.S. of being "imperialist, fascist and murderers due to its support of Israel's recent attacks on the Lebanon." At this moment, several Israeli officials got up from their seats and left the U.N. auditorium.

Chavez is also carrying out intense lobbies among many delegations in order to secure the votes Venezuela needs to be elected as a member of the Security Council.

"If elected, Venezuela will be the voice of the Third World," Chavez said.


DORANCEL VARGAS, the Venezuelan "Man-Eater"

In September, 2006, a Chilean reporter working for Megavision (a local TV channel) traveled to San Cristobal, Venezuela, to interview Dorancel Vargas, a man that at present is jail after having been accused of killing at least 20 men. Dorancel has been diagnosed as a "paranoid psychopath" by psychiatrists that have examined him and so there is a dispute whether he is a criminal or a mentally ill person. Dorancel was raised in a peasant family that lived in a border area with Colombia. Due to his strange behavior, the family believed that Dorancel was possessed by "evil spirits". Most of his family are members of a guerrilla group known as "Venezuelan Liberation Forces", that controls the jungle area where they live, and it is not clear if Dorancel was also a member of this group in his youth. At fifteen years of age, Dorancel ended up in San Cristobal, one of the main cities in Venezuela, and it seems he began to take drugs and drink heavily. He began to live under an expressway bridge called "Autopista Libertador", an extremely dark place at night and frequently used by drunkards, drug addicts and beggars as a shelter. During the decade of the 90´s, several people that lived near to the bridge complained to the Police that their relatives had gone missing, after which an investigation began. As there was a bar near the bridge, many drunkards would wander late at night or fall asleep in that place, and this was when Dorancel would strike, and kill the people with a bamboo spear. Afterwards Dorancel would dismember the bodies, cut the meat that he wanted, bury the heads in the ground and throw the bones and remains into the river. In 1995, police began to search the area under the bridge after a brother of one of the missing persons said that he had last seen him drinking and talking to Dorancel . During a search the police found the remains of several men and began to search for Dorancel, that lived in the nearby bushes.
That year during his first TV interview, Dorancel stated that "human meat is nice, but I eat all kinds of meat, dog, cats , lizards. I buried the heads and feet and throw the other bones into the river. I also stored some meat in containers. The heart and the liver must be spiced up, If I was hungry I used to kill men, never women because they do no harm."
Dorancel was arrested but after a bureaucratic mess up, (the judge had ordered that Dorancel be sent to a psychiatric hospital), he was set free and returned to the "Libertador Bridge".
Dorancel was arrested again in 1999, after more people denounced that their relatives had gone missing.
Juan Carlos Meneses was lucky, one night he was coming out from a motel with his girlfriend and at about 2:00 a.m. near the Libertador bridge had to stop to change a flat tyre. "I heard shouts and when I turned around I saw that Dorancel was about to hit me with a baseball bat, a motorcycle cop arrived and caught him just in time. I could have been another victim," said Juan Carlos.
Since he is considered neither a criminal nor a psychopath, Dorancel is now under solitary confinement in a police station, where he has been found to be wandering around with knives on several occasions. Even the murderers fear him. "He used to kill whoever got drunk with him , " said a policeman that guards Dorancel. Nowadays the "man-eater" is at the initial stages of Parkinson´s disease and spends his time sweeping floors and washing his clothes.
"I used to eat the thighs, not the nose ears or hands because they are too hard . If I saw a drunkard sleeping, I would kill him with my spear, cut his head off and feel happy, I want to go back there and dig a big hole to bury them I don't feel ashamed of anything. They have put me in this jail for nothing, " ended Dorancel.

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