Friday, October 20, 2006

Mark Gonzalez refuses to play for Chile´s national team

Forget it Mark, just stay in Liverpool and do well there .....
A big controversy has began in the South American country due to the Liverpool striker's refusal to play for Chile in the near future. On Sept 23, 2006, Gonzalez was the man of the match during Liverpool's 3-0 win over Tottenham Hotspurs and the Chilean player is becoming a favorite with the local fans. Gonzalez scored the first goal that was the turning point of the match since until the middle of the second half the match was equalized. Rafa Benitez , the Liverpool coach, must now surely make Gonzalez a regular player since he is fundamental in creating goal scoring chances. Why doesn't Mark Gonzalez want to play for his country? The dispute with Nelson Acosta, (the Chilean coach) began in May 2006, when Chile went on a 3 match European tour. The first stop was Dublin, Ireland, where the South Americans defeated the local team by 1-0 and Gonzalez showed great form. According to Acosta, the night after the match in the hotel, Gonzalez and another player, Reinaldo Navia invited some young ladies to their room. Acosta went into the room and told the women to leave. The players argued that the women were asking for photographs, the only problem was that it was 1:00 a.m and they should have been resting and getting ready for the match in France against Ivory Coast some days later. Acosta then expelled Gonzalez and Navia from the national team and both left the hotel. Since then Navia has apologized to Acosta and has been allowed back into the Chilean national team, while Gonzalez has stated that he will not play for Chile as long as Acosta is the coach. My opinion is that he should concentrate on playing for Liverpool and consolidate his position at the English Premier League club. It is pointless for Gonzalez to make a 15 hour trip to Chile to play friendly matches against second rate teams . Forget it Mark, just stay in Liverpool and do well there, you'll have plenty of time to play for Chile.

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