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The World Cup, commences in June, so now might be the time to place a bet.
So, who are the favorites to win the 19th soccer World Cup?
Odds Of Brazil Winning The 2010 World Cup
9/2 (+450)
The five time winners are joint favorites, with Spain, to win the 19th World Cup. Brazil are in great form, qualifying convincingly at the top of the South American group, and tasting victory in the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup. They are one of the strongest teams and will be confident of claiming their sixth World Cup championship.
Odds Of Spain Winning The 2010 World Cup
9/2 (+450)
The European Cup holders are joint favorites, with Brazil, and have recently been hailed by Pele, to claim their first championship. Following a flawless qualifying campaign, winning ten out of ten, Spain are the current number one team in the rankings, and will be the team to beat in South Africa.
Odds Of England Winning The 2010 World Cup
6/1 (+600)
England finished top of a difficult qualifying group containing Ukraine and Croatia. Although, currently only ninth in the FIFA rankings, the odds reflect English optimism and hope that they can repeat their feat if 1966 and win a second World Cup.
Odds Of Argentina Winning The 2010 World Cup
8/1 (+800)
After trying their hardest not to qualify, Diego’s Maradona’s team, finally made it to the World Cup finals, and now they have sneaked in, they could be very dangerous. The team individually and collectively will have to improve massively to make an impact in South Africa.


Odds Of Germany Winning The 2010 World Cup
12/1 (+1200)
Never rule Germany out. As they have shown, time and time again, Germany are a big-tournament-team, who always perform at the highest level on the world’s biggest stage. Undefeated in qualifying the Germans are on course to have another successful World Cup.
Odds Of Italy, Holland, France and Portugal Winning The 2010 World Cup
All - 14/1 (+1400)
Italy, Holland, France and Portugal are four European teams who shouldn’t be written off. Each team is capable of winning the World Cup if they can find their form at the right time. Italy and Holland topped their qualification groups.
Odds To Win The World Cup: Fractional (American) (All Odds Taken from On The 11/24/09)
Spain - 9/2 (+450)
Brazil - 9/2 (+450)
England - 6/1 (+600)
Argentina - 8/1 (+8000)
Germany - 12/1 (+1200)
Italy - 14/1 (+1400)
Netherlands - 14/1 (+1400)
France - 14/1 (+1400)
Portugal - 14/1 (+1400)
Ivory Coast - 20/1 (+2000)
Chile - 40/1 (+4000)
Cameroon - 66/1 (+6600)
Paraguay - 66/1 (+6600)
Ghana - 66/1 (+6600)
Serbia - 66/1 (+6600)
Mexico - 80/1 (+8000)
USA - 80/1 (+8000)
Greece - 80/1 (+8000)
Uruguay - 100/1 (+10000)
Nigeria - 100/1 (+10000)
South Africa - 100/1 (+10000)
Australia - 100/1 (+10000)
Denmark - 100/1 (+10000)
Slovenia - 100/1 (+10000)
Switzerland - 150/1 (+15000)
Japan - 200/1 (+20000)
Slovakia - 250/1 (+25000)
South Korea - 250/1 (+25000)
Algeria - 250/1 (+25000)
New Zealand - 500/1 (+50000)
Honduras - 500/1 (+50000)
North Korea - 500/1 (+50000) All odds taken from (11/24/2009)

Brazil expects succesful 2014 FIFA World Cup

Brazil is already anticipating the economic benefits of hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The initial prediction from Brazil's Ministry of Sport is that around 600 thousand foreign football fans will visit Brazil during the 2014 finals, which will take place in twelve cities: Curitiba and Porto Alegre in the south; Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in the south-east; Cuiabá and Brasília in central Brazil; Manaus in the north; and Fortaleza, Natal, Recife and Salvador in the north-east. It is estimated that the 2014 World Cup will have created more than 300 thousand jobs between 2009, when Brazil was chosen as host country, and the end of the tournament. Major investments in infrastructure, including airports and urban transport, are already taking place in preparation for 2014. The twelve stadiums where the matches will take place are either due to be upgraded or, in three cases, under construction. However, the Ministry of Sport announced this week that every venue will be ready in time for the 2013 Confederations Cup (a smaller-scale international tournament that takes place one year before the World Cup). The largest stadium, and one of the candidates for hosting the World Cup final on 13 July 2014, is Rio de Janeiro's famous Maracanã, which will have a capacity of around 90 thousand. The 2014 World Cup will be the first in South America since the 1978 tournament in Argentina. Brazil will become the fifth country (along with France, Germany, Italy and Mexico) to have hosted the tournament twice, having previously done so in 1950.

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Affiliate Marketing to Increase in Brazil

While Europe is near to a financial disaster and the U.S is still shaking from the past crisis, the Brazilian economy continues to grow at a constant pace. President Lula has already promised to loan the International Monetary Fund (IMF) 250 million dollars to help countries such as Greece from going bankrupt. Lula has also stated that he wants to increase Internet access in Brazil and will use Telebras, a state owned telecommunications company, to spread optic fiber connections to the North and Northeastern regions. In Manaus, capital of the nothern Amazon State, internet access is so slow that to download a one minute video the person must wait for 40 minutes.
The situation is similar in the Northeast, but not so in the more industrialized southern states where cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre have adequate Internet connections. In this last city, there are many hotspots where citizens can access the web for free via WI-FI. The Telebras project will mean that millions of Brazilians will have better connections and on line businesses such as Granaland can only expect to see an increase in its affiliates and activity. Brazilian population is very near to reaching 200 million, of these about 80 million are adults over the age of eighteen, the required age to become an affiliate to a local company.
After paying the low entry fee of 25 Reals (approximately US $12) the new member will have an own webpage, and will also be able to download a kit that includes high quality digital products such a list with 220 million emails, software for sending and retrieving emails, 1030 professional style webpage templates. With these tools, the associate can begin to set up his own network of associates that will in turn replicate his activity. The company pays the associates commissions once a week, and there are also prizes such as laptops and the latest model of mobile phones for the members that earn most every month.

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Brazilian Expats use affiliate marketing to make money in their country

A new affiliate marketing company has been operating in Brazil since 2009. Any Brazilian, including those living abroad can become an associate of, and with a low investment of 25 Reals (about US$ 12) will receive the start up kit that one Professional responder software, an e-book cover creator, 1030 templates used to create high quality websites, a list with 220 million e-mails and 8email sending and extraction softwares. Since most ex-pats living abroad have savings bank accounts in Brazil, all their earnings will be deposited very week by the company. With perseverance and effort, the new affiliate should be getting positive results within a short period of time. After all, if they use their PC to chat, read the latest news, play video games etc, why can´t they use it to make money? This system has an e-commerce format whose aim is to distribute the kit with the high quality digital products, and has been proven successful by thousands of net workers during many years of practical experience.
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