Monday, May 24, 2010


Brazilian Expats use affiliate marketing to make money in their country

A new affiliate marketing company has been operating in Brazil since 2009. Any Brazilian, including those living abroad can become an associate of, and with a low investment of 25 Reals (about US$ 12) will receive the start up kit that one Professional responder software, an e-book cover creator, 1030 templates used to create high quality websites, a list with 220 million e-mails and 8email sending and extraction softwares. Since most ex-pats living abroad have savings bank accounts in Brazil, all their earnings will be deposited very week by the company. With perseverance and effort, the new affiliate should be getting positive results within a short period of time. After all, if they use their PC to chat, read the latest news, play video games etc, why can´t they use it to make money? This system has an e-commerce format whose aim is to distribute the kit with the high quality digital products, and has been proven successful by thousands of net workers during many years of practical experience.
To become an affiliate click here

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