Monday, May 24, 2010

Affiliate Marketing to Increase in Brazil

While Europe is near to a financial disaster and the U.S is still shaking from the past crisis, the Brazilian economy continues to grow at a constant pace. President Lula has already promised to loan the International Monetary Fund (IMF) 250 million dollars to help countries such as Greece from going bankrupt. Lula has also stated that he wants to increase Internet access in Brazil and will use Telebras, a state owned telecommunications company, to spread optic fiber connections to the North and Northeastern regions. In Manaus, capital of the nothern Amazon State, internet access is so slow that to download a one minute video the person must wait for 40 minutes.
The situation is similar in the Northeast, but not so in the more industrialized southern states where cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre have adequate Internet connections. In this last city, there are many hotspots where citizens can access the web for free via WI-FI. The Telebras project will mean that millions of Brazilians will have better connections and on line businesses such as Granaland can only expect to see an increase in its affiliates and activity. Brazilian population is very near to reaching 200 million, of these about 80 million are adults over the age of eighteen, the required age to become an affiliate to a local company.
After paying the low entry fee of 25 Reals (approximately US $12) the new member will have an own webpage, and will also be able to download a kit that includes high quality digital products such a list with 220 million emails, software for sending and retrieving emails, 1030 professional style webpage templates. With these tools, the associate can begin to set up his own network of associates that will in turn replicate his activity. The company pays the associates commissions once a week, and there are also prizes such as laptops and the latest model of mobile phones for the members that earn most every month.

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