Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Many farm animals are massacred in Campo Grande, on the outskirts of Rio

In the morning of July 22, 2010, a group of farmers from Campo Grande, (a suburb of the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro) woke up to find that 18 of their animals had been slaughtered. The peasants are sure that it was the work of the Chupacabras , a mythical creature whose name derives from the Spanish term meaning "the Goatsucker". The blood had been drained from all the animals, and no stains were found on the ground near the corpses. All that was left of the chickens was the feathers, while the goats had all the intestines removed. Reporters from RJRecord, a newscast aired by one of Brazil´s main TV channels, Rede Record, was the first to arrive at the crime scene.First to be interviewed was Jose Ricardo, a local farmer. "We really don´t know what happened, all that I can say is that some years ago my neighbor lost many animals in the same way, we have had many attacks like this in Campo Grande," said Jose Ricardo. A biologist called Anderson Mendes was sent by the authorities to investigate, and is also not sure who or what could have killed the animals. Anderson believes it was a pack of stray dogs, but was also astonished to find the footprints of a creature that he was unable to identify, in spite of his biological background. " All that the farmers can do is to lay traps near their houses and hope to capture whatever killed their animals," said Anderson to RJRecord.A well known Brazilian Ufologist, Orlando de Souza, also arrived at the farm and gave his own version to RJRecord."In my opinion, extraterrestial or extradimensional beings from a superior civilization did this. They are investigating the human and animal DNA structure on Planet Earth.I have never seen a dog cutting a perfectly round circle in a wire fence," said De Souza.This incident occurs at the same time as the Brazilian Air Force is revealing top secret information from its "X-Files". The most spectacular close encounter of the third kind in Brazil has been the 1967 Varginas incident, where it is reported that a UFO crashed in a rural area. The remains of three ET´s were found , but these were secretly handed over to a foreign organization, probably the NASA.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


"Como qualquer jornada, a do sucesso tambem começa com um bom planejamento. Chega a hora de botar o pé na estrada. Debe montar uma boa rede de relacionamentos. Debe aprender a habilidade par se relacionar bem, a capacidade para influir e liderar. A jornada é longa e exige muitos cuidados, além de atualizaçao constante. O sucesso estará ao alcance de todos aqueles que souberem tomar as decisões certas nas horas certas. O sucesso está em cada um dos passos que vamos a dar para chegar ao ponto onde sonhamos chegar."