Friday, August 13, 2010

Brazilian Air Force reveals top secret UFO "X-Files"

All documents will be available to the public at the National Archives

Brasilia August 2010 - The Air Command Center of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) will keep a record of all UFOs that appear in Brazilian airspace.An official notice published on August 11 suggests that all civilian and military pilots, air traffic controllers and users of the air traffic control centers should inform of any UFO sightings to the Airspace Defense Command Center in Brasilia.

Any event that is seen, photographed or filmed within the huge Brazilian airspace (8,5 million square kilometers, equivalent to 34 times the size of the United Kingdom) and in the 13,5 million square kilometers over the territorial waters will be filed and archived in the Historical Documents Center of the Brazilian Air Force (Cendoc) . In an undisclosed timeframe, the FAB will transfer all information about UFOs from Cendoc to the National Archives in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. Researchers or anyone interested will be able to access this information about ETs and UFOs.

FAB will not chase UFOs

The head of the FAB, brigadier Juniti Saito, signed official order number 551/GC3, on August 9 , whereby the Air Force will only process the information and creating the documents according to eyewitness versions.The FAB sent an official letter to O DIA,a Rio newspaper, where it stated that it will not follow any UFOs sighted in Brazilian airspace." The FAB does not have a specialized structure that can carry out scientific investigations about these aerial phenomenons , it will only register the incidents and deliver them to the National Archives. The FAB wants the citizens to have complete access to the information," said the letter.
12.800 Brazilian air traffic controllers will keep watch on airspace
The documents that will be revealed are not to be understimated. There are12.800 traffic controllers in Brazil, that are constantly focused on their airspace. . "There was a top secret FAB document that instructed personnel about how to register sightings of UFOs ", said a FAB official in charge of air traffic control. "We have reports of sightings by government ministers and even a President that saw UFOs ", said an air traffic controller from Rio de Janeiro. "This official order is given fifty years late. The U.S. government already had the Blue Book Project in the 1950s, with the only purpose of recording UFO sightings", said a high ranking FAB officer. "But over there, as will be the case here, this does not mean that UFOs exist", added the officer.
UFOs and ETs attacked in Pará in the 1970sBetween September and December of 1977, FAB officials investigated in Vigia,in the northern state of Para. Villagers of this jungle area denounced that thay had been attacked by UFOs that fired lasers at them, causing 1º degree burns, dizziness,headaches and trembling and draining of their blood.
Operation Flying Saucer registered 130 accounts from military personnel and civilians, as well as 500 photographs and 16 hours of film footage. In 1997, Coronel Uyrangê Lima, the leader of the operation, declared in an interview that he had seen UFOs as big as airplanes.

Night of the UFOs

On May 19 ,1986, FAB fighter jets attempted to intercept UFOs over Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.At least 21 UFOs were detected by the radars while others were followed by jets.According to witnesses and pilots, the UFOs were flying at speeds of between 250 and 1500 kmph.This episode was known as "the Night of the UFOs".


On January 20,1996, firefighters from this town in Minas Gerais were called to capture two creatures that had been seen in a park. The creatures had a strange appearance, with big red eyes, brown skin and oval heads. The creatures were captured and taken to an Army barracks, but no more information was given.

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