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His full name is Joseph Walter Jackson, but to the world he is known simply as Joe Jackson, father of "The King of Pop", the late Michael Jackson.In recent years Joe as taken up residence in Las Vegas, Nevada,city where on the past July 26 he agreed to give an exclusive interview to Rede Record, one of Brazil´s main TV networks.The most relevant parts of the interview have been translated from the TV transmission.
Accompanied by a man known as "Majestic", that acts as a media adviser and bodyguard, Joe Jackson met the crew from "Reporter Record" in a suite at "The Orleans Hotel".While preparing for the interview by putting on his own makeup and trying a few dance steps, Joe Jackson appeared to be in a good mood.

Reporter: Do you feel like dancing?

Joe Jackson: Yes, but I need some music, otherwise I can´t do anything (laughs).

R: So it was you that taught Michael to dance so well?

J.J: I taught him the first steps and then he added his own stuff.

R: We are grateful that you gave us this interview, now Brazilians will get to know you better.

I feel good because its for Brazil, a country that I like very much but have not been able to visit recently, the last time was in the 80s.

R:Congratulations on your recent birthday.What present did you get from your children?

What are they going to give me? Only my daughter Janet gave me a flower.

R: How can you describe yourself?

I´m a guy that always treated everybody nice and easy.

R: Were the beginnings with the Jackson´s difficult?

Yeh....they were nine kids and I had to feed them.I had to work at two jobs as a crane operator and a welder. Then I had the idea to make a lot of money by forming a pop group, so I started rehearsing with the kids at home.
R:Did you ever beat your kids? Ever beat Michael?
J.J: Oh no,never....but those parents that say they have never spanked their kids are wrong.Everybody spanks their kids.

At this point Joe´s mood changes and he threatens to end the interview.

R:Michael once said you used to beat him.....

J.J: No ! I never heard him say that, when did he say that? I disciplined my kids. All the other kids that were their friends at the time, most are not living today.My kids never got into trouble.

At this point Majestic interrups the interview and talks to the reporter.
"Do you know how much money has been made after Michael´s death? Two billion dollars.Michael was always giving money to charity...and he was not gay. Never, no way!" said Majestic.

R: How many plastic surgeries did Michael have?
J.J: He had about three..I´m sure he did his nose and his chin.There is nothing wrong wih plastic surgery.He wanted to change his nose and he did it.
R:Was Michael proud to be a black man?

J.J:We already discussed that...he had vitiligo.He was proud to be Michael Jackson.
R: Who or what killed Michael Jackson?

J.J:You said him.Remember that I had a doctor for him.All I know is that this is being investigated.But why didn´t the doctor wake him up?I mean I had this kind of problem after a surgery and the doctor was always there to take care of me.
Why was Dr.Murray missing for three days? I say it was foul play until I know exactly the whole story.I´m going to find out what happened to my son.

R:What are the biggest lies told about Joe Jackson ?
J.J:The press hates me, all they want to do is cash a big check.I don´t care about them, the fans know I´m a great guy.
R:What was your reaction to the sex abuse accusations?
J.J:I knew he didn´t do that, he wasn´t raised to do that.
R: Were you angry when you heard that?
J.J:When you are a parent and you love your kids it bothers you.
R:When was the last time you talked to Michael?
J.J:Three weeks before he died.
R:Why were you not part of his will?

J.J:I´m not worried about that. Ok, that´s it,I´m through, I gave you more than an hour, more than was agreed.
(Joe begins to get up from his chair)
R: Just a few more questions please.

R: How will Joe Jackson be remembered?
Where am I going? I´m still here am I not ? (laughs)

R: What will Michael Jackson´s legacy be?
J.J: You will have to ask Michael that when you get to heaven. Thank you, that´s all I have to say.

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